Perhaps universal health care can help people with COVID-19

The President of the United States has done everything in his power to ensure health care for all Americans. In addition, it has tried to ensure that even people with pre-existing conditions can at least run insurance. In the past, these companies were often denied coverage because insurers were eager to make big profits without incurring any losses at all. Ensuring that everyone can buy insurance is not the same as providing universal health care to people. If it is universal, it is for all regardless of age, status or social status. Now that COVID-19 has affected U.S. citizens and others around the world, it may be time to provide comprehensive health care to save others.

In a surprise move, President Trump said the administration would give access to the means to test all U.S. citizens for participation in 19. This should include green card holders. According to another report, people tested who don’t have health insurance can end up being owed up to $6,000, personal expenses after receiving limited government assistance. Intensive care can be very expensive for those hospitalized.

Sick people and their families have something to think about and should not bear the burden of paying their medical bills while protecting their families from infection. On the other hand, the wet can not ignore the problem as well as the possibility of transmitting COV to their family, friends, and colleagues. COVID-19 faces other, more severe symptoms in many people and can worsen pre-existing conditions. In addition, a sick person can lose his or her job or be unable to pay the mortgage on time.

U.S. citizens who survive COVID-19 will eventually have huge medical bills to pay, while Europeans won’t have to worry about losing their homes and property due to medical debt. Citizens of the world living in countries where health care is universal can at least know that they will not go bankrupt. Many people will be devastated by losses in trade and the stock market, but in the end, people need to return to their health to get back to work and rebuild their country.

First, the test should be available to all. Beds should be guaranteed to everyone in a safe and healthy place until they recover, and they need different respiratory medications, regardless of age, race or origin. Coronavirus is more than just a disease that affects the elderly. It mutates and is potentially fatal for anyone. In addition, it is the duty of the nation to treat everyone equally in terms of making reasonable efforts to save them. If the reader can make a difference to humanity by voting, it is his duty to go out and do it, to tell the truth and testify to universal care.

The authors suggest that people act by increasing their participation in decision-making, which includes participating in the voting process, writing articles, writing letters to government officials, and speaking individually and in groups.

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